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Recently the Labour Government of New Zealand posted up their new Treaty Of Waitangi website, after about a year of endeavour and with an overall budget of $6.5 million to draw from. Of this sum, a total of $80,000 had been spent directly on the government website by the time it came on-line. The rest of the budget is earmarked for continued website additions, advertising and printed educational materials etc., about the Treaty, for schools and organisations.

When the government website appeared it was immediately apparent that there were glaring omissions in the information supplied and inadequacies in the presentation of, what should be considered as, true New Zealand history. The most important documents related to the Treaty were also conspicuous by their absence.

This is a reflective website to the government one, which seeks to fill, in part, the chasm of missing information not available from that resource. It has taken one week to plan and build this site, at a cost of $70. The web-designer is an amateur working from home.

Please read and consider your "original draft documents" of the Treaty with tremendous care, as you'll find that the English version being used in all of our legislation is the wrong text. The true Treaty Of Waitangi, in both English and Maori, clearly states that the "customary rights" referred to in Article II are for "all the people of New Zealand" collectively and not for any singular ethnicity.


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