The Littlewood Treaty, The True English Text of the Treaty of Waitangi, Found
by Martin Doutré.

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Chapter 5c

On Sunday the 2nd of February Hobson was ill and confined to his cabin aboard H.M.S. Herald. He sent a member of his staff, George Cooper, ashore to British Resident, James Busby to ask if Busby would take over writing the treaty. Between the evening of Sunday the 2nd of February and morning of Monday the 3rd, Busby produced this rough draft, consisting of four pages. He didn't attempt to write a Preamble, but concentrated on producing three Articles and an Affirmation section. The last two pages of Busby's rough draft tends to ramble on interminably and most of these ideas were never incorporated into the final treaty. After producing these four pages, defaced by many additions, deletions and corrections, Busby wrote a clean copy of this basic, preliminary text to show to Hobson on the evening of the 3rd of February 1840.