The Littlewood Treaty, The True English Wording of the Treaty of Waitangi,
by Martin Doutré.

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Chapter 5d

These four pages show Busby's clean or rewritten copy of his "first attempt" Articles and ideas, which he took to Hobson at Kororareka on the evening of the 3rd of February 1840. They met at Busby's two room cottage on that side of the bay and, thoughout the evening and during the next day, Hobson, Busby and other advisors made significant changes to this rough draft. The final draft that followed was, once again, penned by Busby and the last drafting session was conducted with Hobson present and under his direction. The final document produced was handed, by Hobson, to Reverend Henry Williams at 4 p.m. on the 4th of February 1840 for translation (overnight) into the Maori language.