The Littlewood Treaty, The True English Text of the Treaty of Waitangi, Found

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Chapter 17


Let's look at Reverend Henry Williams' true 'certified treaty'…the one (in either handwritten or printed form) he, as official TRANSLATOR, was actually putting his signature to in the space provided by James Stuart Freeman:

The single line of writing at the very top of the first page (pg. 25 of Vol. G-30/1) is in the hand of James Stuart Freeman, who has also initialled the page in the bottom left hand corner. Otherwise, the entire document of Maori Treaty text is, it would seem, in the handwriting of Reverend Henry Williams. This 3-page document is, essentially, the true 'certified copy' text that Williams was referring to and constitutes the TRANSLATION wording he signed off as official TRANSLATOR. The handwritten copy shown was sent to Gipps on the 8th of February 1840, followed by a printed copy two weeks later. In all, three printed Maori version copies were sent overseas in the 3rd week of February (1 to Gipps and 2 to Normanby) in the double despatches assembled between the 16th and 20th of February 1840.

It's unfortunate that Freeman did not have the foresight to write the qualifying statement: 'I certify that the above is as Literal a translation of the Treaty of Waitangi as the idiom of Language will admit of'' on either this handwritten Maori text sheet by Williams, for Sir George Gipps, sent on the 8th of February or onto the three printed Maori copies despatched on the 21st of February 1840, rather than at the bottom of his own Royal Style English copy. In that age of innocence, no one could predict the machinations of a treacherous grievance industry, 140-years into the future, using dirty tricks to distort the meaning of the treaty in order to run an oppressive extortion racket against duped New Zealanders. The fact that our treaty historians and experts allowed this to happen, or even "aided and abetted" in the process, despite clear documented evidence proving the grievance industry stance to be blatant fraud, is abominable and unforgiveable in the extreme (To view the original 'certified treaty' documents, see Volume G-30/1, pp. 25-27, National Archives of New Zealand, Wellington).

This is a photograph of the original printed Maori Treaty sent to Governor Sir George Gipps in N.S.W. Australia on the 21st of February 1840. In a very literal sense, this is the certified Maori text translation to which both James Stuart Freeman and Reverend Henry Williams were referring directly. Reverend Henry Williams’ signed attestation certified only this document, which was the TRANSLATION he’d accurately created, based upon the finalised English draft he’d been given to translate into Maori at 4 p.m. on the 4th of February 1840.

These two printed Maori version sheets were despatched to Lord Normanby on the 21st of February 1840. They went to Australia aboard the Martha, whereupon Hobson's direct despatch to Normanby was transferred to H.M.S Achilles. The materials went by way of 'De Janeiro' (Brazil) and onward to Britain, arriving at the Colonial Office in London on September 28th 1840.